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Ukraine LIVE: Zelensky issues fresh warning for Kyiv as Putin lines up horror missiles | World | News



Belarus has been ramping up troops deployment at the Ukrainian border, raising fears of a potential new front in the war.

Belarusian troops are reportedly moving closer to the Polish border in what appears to be a threat to a NATO ally, independent Belarusian media reported.

According to Belarusian Hajun project, one of the Belarusian brigades crossed a pontoon bridge over the Neman river as part of the combat readiness inspection.

Quoting a Belarusian military channel, the Belarusian media said: “Today Neman, tomorrow Vistula or Dnieper. There’re no barriers for the Belarusian tank crew.”

The Neman river runs from the eastern part of Belarus into Lithuania within 7.5 miles of the Polish border.

If the Belarusian military executes its threat, the Ukraine war would spill over into Poland and most likely trigger article 4 of the NATO military alliance.

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