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THIS girl is SUPER EXCITED when her mother LOST her JOB at Meta; Here’s WHY | Technology News




New Delhi: Large-scale layoffs have occurred at tech corporations all around the world in recent months, primarily as a result of the slowing economy and approaching recession. While reports suggest that firms like Meta, Amazon, and others have suspended hiring and are ready to dole out pink slips to their employees, large tech companies like Twitter, Netflix, Microsoft, Snap, and others have reduced their personnel by thousands.

11,000 employees of social media firm Meta were let off last month. The affected employees and their families were taken aback by the news. However, a six-year-old girl expressed her happiness when her mother was fired from Meta. Shelly Kalish, who started working for Meta in June 2021, was one of the people the company let go of.

Business Insider said that on November 11, Kalish awoke at 6:30 am to see if she had received the termination letter or not.

“I hurriedly checked my phone. Although the email was lengthy, I’ll be honest and say that I only read the first few phrases because they mentioned that I was among the laid-off employees “said Kalish. Shelly Kalish told her youngest daughter that she had lost her job later in the day.

She was initially questioned by her daughter about why they no longer required her.” But after a little moment, she exclaimed, “Yay! Now you have more time to spend with me.” Although I’m ecstatic to spend more time with you and your sister, Kalish added, “I prefer working since it makes me happy, so I hope I will find a new job soon.”

Also from the six-year-old: “I’m sorry you were laid off. You remain the ideal mother.” According to Kalish, her daughter’s response gave her the information she needed to process the news and view the circumstance differently.