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Rishabh Pant brain and spine MRI scan results normal after car crash




The results of India wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant’s MRI of the brain and spine are normal. He has also undergone plastic surgery to manage his facial injuries, lacerated wounds and abrasions suffered in a serious car accident near Roorkee, Uttarakhand, on Friday morning.

A MRI scan of his ankle and knee has been postponed till tomorrow because of pain and swelling. Above knee splintage was also given for suspected right knee ligament injury, and suspected right ankle ligament injury at the Max Hospital in Dehradun. Pant is currently stable, conscious and oriented.

Prima facia, he had sustained multiple abrasions on right hand forearm and leg and lacerated wounds over forehead and near eyebrow and multiple graze abrasions on the back.

The accident took place in the early hours on Friday, when Pant was driving to Roorkee. His car, which was severely damaged in the accident, is reported to have hit the divider on the road and subsequently caught fire. Pant was initially taken to a local hospital – Saksham Hospital Multispecialty and Trauma Centre – where he was treated for impact injuries before being moved to the Max Hospital in Dehradun. He had reached the hospital at 6am.

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