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NCPCR Summons BYJU’s CEO Over Alleged Malpractice Of Selling Its Courses To Students– Deets inside | Companies News




New Delhi: CEO of edtech BYJU Byju Raveendran has been summoned by the top child rights organisation NCPCR over claims that the company is engaging in unethical business methods to get parents and kids to purchase their courses. “The BYJU’S sales team is engaging in dishonest activities to persuade parents to purchase their courses for their kids, according to a news report that the Commission has come across.

In the news story, it was also noted that several consumers had complained of being taken advantage of and duped, putting their funds and futures at risk “According to a statement from NCPCR. According to the NCPCR, “The Commission is in observance that engaging in malpractices to induce parents or children into loan-based agreements and later cause exploitation is against the welfare of children and in furtherance of the functions and powers under Section 13 and 14 of CPCR Act, 2005.” (Also Read: LIC scheme: Pay just 4 premiums, get Rs 1 CRORE return at the time of maturity–check calculator, other details)

The NCPCR requested that Raveendran personally appear and provide the necessary information to address the disparities in the case at hand. It stated that Raveendran “would be susceptible to the penalties of the non-attendance as established in Rule 10 and Rule l2 of Order XVI of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908” if he disobeys the order without a valid cause. (Also Read: Video of big brother using his FIRST SALARY to buy new sneakers for YOUNGER BROTHER will leave you in TEARS; Watch heartrending video here)

It has also requested all pertinent documents surrounding the assertions made in the aforementioned news story at 1400 hours on December 23 in order to clarify any differences with the situation at hand, including the legal paperwork establishing BYJU’s as a legitimate ed-tech company.

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