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‘I’m not criminal, it’s bit harsh’




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Australia opener David Warner had been seen as the successor of Aaron Finch in terms of captaincy in limited-overs cricket, however, his lifetime captaincy ban was a major obstacle in that process. According to Cricket Australia’s Code of conduct, Warner couldn’t have applied for his ban to be reviewed after it was been accepted at first place. However, CA announced amendments in their Code of Conduct on Monday but it remains to be seen how long the whole process will take place for Warner to work out things in his favour.

Despite CA making their efforts to revoke the leadership ban, Warner seems frustrated with the delay they made and he noted his disappointment and traumatic situation. He also felt that banning him for life from captaincy on account of the 2018 Ball Tampering Scandal was harsh. Speaking at a promotion event for Kayo Sports on Monday, Warner revealed the emotions he had to go through since February this year. 

“I’m not a criminal. You should get a right of an appeal at some stage. I understand that they put a ban in place but banning someone for life, I think it’s a bit harsh,” Warner said as quoted by ESPNcricinfo.

“Where it’s been disappointing, it’s taken this long to get to where it has. It was brought up in I think February this year. So it’s been drawn out. It’s traumatic for me and my family and everyone else that was involved in it. We haven’t needed to go back into that detail. We don’t need to relive what happened.” 

Frustrating because we could have done this about nine months ago: David Warner 

Warner also mentioned that the matter could have been solved when it was brought up first in February and added about how CA rushed into this only after Finch announced his retirement. Pat Cummins had been appointed as the leader of the Australian ODI side with the delay in Warner’s ban review.

“It’s frustrating because we could have done this about nine months ago when it was first brought up. It’s unfortunate that obviously Finchy retired and then they sort of fast-tracked it in their own way. But it’s a tad disappointing that when you make a decision in 2018, it’s in four days, and then this takes nine months,” he added. 

“So that’s the hardest thing. It actually makes me look like I’m campaigning, which I’m totally not. So from my perspective, that’s where it’s been disappointing,” Warner concluded.